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CIMS Celebrates 45 Years in Business


CIMS Tire Registration Company

To Mark Its 45th Year in Business in 2016


Industry leader maintains its dedication to a single-business focus  


AKRON, Ohio, Oct. 24, 2015 – With its commitment to a single-business focus, CIMS, the industry leader in tire registrations, will celebrate its 45th year in business in 2016.

          “For the past 45 years we have been concentrating on tire registrations,” said CIMS President, Susan B. Kruder. “We have evolved from punch machines and a dedicated computer platform room.  Now dealers can use their point-of-sale software, mobile device or register tires online.”

CIMS was founded by the late Paul J. Kruder in 1971 in a small building in Akron, and its only business was registering tires using post card-type mail-in forms.  Today, the family-owned company has expanded to register tires at the point of sale, online, and through CIMS’ mobile app.

“We’re particularly pleased with our toll-free support line (855.444.5120),” said Susan Kruder.  “Our clients like the personal touch and talking to a ‘live’ voice to discuss issues.  We realize that the tire industry is a face-to-face business and we think of that in everything we do.”

CIMS also prides itself in keeping clients’ information confidential.  “We work with more than 15,000 clients and it is imperative that we maintain their information in a secure environment which means keeping their trust,” said Kruder.  “We are not a tire dealer, we don’t sell tires…all we sell is security and compliance…letting the clients and their customers know that their data is safe with us.  They know that…that’s why we’ve been in business for 45 years.”




About CIMS

Based in Akron, Ohio, CIMS, Inc. is a privately owned, independent company that has provided products and services to tire manufacturers, private brand owners and tire dealers to facilitate the entire tire registration process.  The company exists to help its clients comply with the record-keeping requirements of the National Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety Act (1966) and related federal regulations (49 CFR Parts 574).

For additional information, visit the CIMS Web site at, or contact CIMS at 855-444-5120


       P.O. Box 1610
       Akron, Ohio 44309-1610
       Phone: 855-444-5120
       Fax: 330-784-6900