Tire Consumers

When you buy new tires the tire dealer is required by Federal Law to provide you with a tire registration form OR he must register the tires electronically on your behalf. If you do not receive a tire registration form ASK the tire dealer if he is registering your tires electronically, it’s your right!

If your tires are not registered, how will you be notified in the event of a safety related recall? You WON'T be notified. The only way you will receive a direct notification that your tires are involved in a safety related recall is to make sure the tires are registered.

It's you and your family riding on those tires, protect them by making sure your tires are registered. Tire registration is free. Your personal information is protected by Federal Law and will never be used in any way other than to directly notify you in the even of a safety related recall.

Remember tire registration is your right. When purchasing tires be sure to get a tire registration form. If you do not get a tire registration form at the point of sale, confirm that the tire dealer completes the tire registration process electronically on your behalf. Don’t settle for anything less. Your safety rides on it.

If you have any questions about tire registration or want to learn more contact CIMS at (855) 444-5120 or (330) 794-9190 or use our feedback form to leave your question and a representative will contact you to discuss your problems. You can also visit www.nhtsa.gov and leave comments and/or lodge a complaint.