Order All-Brand Form

The CIMS All-Brand Tire Registration Forms allows tire dealers to conveniently and cost effectively comply with the federal requirements of 49 CFR Part 574.8. The CIMS All-Brand Form will register every tire a dealer sells, so there is no need to order, stock and inventory a different form for each brand sold.

To receive a supply of CIMS All-Brand Tire Registration Forms, please complete the order form below.

Form Quantities - (All pricing includes shipping to 1 location)*

Quantity Price
1,000 $130.00
3,000 $185.00
5,000 $220.00
10,000 $270.00
11,000 – 49,000 $24.50 per 1,000
50,000 – 99,000 ** $21.50 per 1,000
100,000 and above Call CIMS for special price quote

* Shipments to Alaska and Hawaii incur additional shipping charges. COD shipments will incur a $15 service charge.
**   50,000 and up can be imprinted with dealer name and address. Please call 855-444-5120 for details.