Important Information for Tire Dealers

Do you know what your responsibilities are under Federal Law?

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) requires that tire dealers must provide every tire purchaser with a pre-addressed completed tire registration form OR complete the tire registration process electronically on behalf of the tire purchaser (49 CFR Part 574.8). This is not voluntary, tire dealers must do one or the other*.

For nearly 40 years, CIMS has helped over 15,000 tire dealers comply with the NHTSA Tire Registration Regulation. Based on our experience, CIMS has developed three cost-effective and efficient methods for tire dealers to comply with NHTSA regulations and register every tire they sell for pennies per tire..

POS Electrionic Tire Registration

Dealers save time and money by using your existing point-of-sale software to electronically capture and automatically transmit the require tire registration information to CIMS.

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Online E-Tire Registration

CIMS’ E-Tire Registration enables dealers who do not capture the registration information at the point-of-sale to go online and register every tire they sell electronically. Dealers log on to CIMS’ safe and secure E-Tire Registration web page and enter consumer tire registration information for every tire brand they sell.

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All Brand Tire Registration Forms

The CIMS All Brand Tire Registration Form allows multi- brand, multi-outlet dealers to use just one form to register every tire brand sold. Eliminate the time and hassle of ordering and stocking a different form for every brand of tire that you sell.

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*Penalties of $6,000 per tire and $16,000,000 apply for non
compliance. Don’t risk these penalties. Call Now. Start Today!

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