Tire Manufacturers

CIMS provides the following products and services that are designed to make it easy for Tire Manufacturers, Brand Owners, Importers and Tire Dealers to meet all of the tire registration and record keeping requirements of the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Act and related Federal Regulations (see 49 CFR Parts 574.7 - 574.8).

Tire Registration

This service is offered to Tire Manufacturers, Brand Owners and Importers who use a designee to comply with the requirements of the NHTSA tire registration regulations (see CFR Parts 574.7 - 574.8). The service includes tire registration form printing and distribution, data capture and information storage. If your company is interested in CIMS Tire Registration services for your tire brand, contact us online now.

Tire Recall

Information stored during the tire registration process is retrieved and the consumer is notified in the event of a safety-related tire recall. This is done on a timely basis to meet all NHTSA regulations.

Tire Industry Clearing House

CIMS offers a specialized registration service that provides a simple, cost-effective way for independent multi-brand, multi-outlet dealers to comply with the NHTSA regulations. Our ALL-BRAND tire registration form is used to record the required consumer information regardless of the tire brand sold.  CIMS processes the forms as they are received at our headquarters, retains and completes the registration process for CIMS registration clients and forwards to the appropriate registration center the forms that belong to manufacturers that are not our clients.

Electronic Data Capture

CIMS will work with the client's Information Technology group so that consumer information gathered by Point-of-Sale systems can be transmitted directly to us eliminating the need for a registration form. If you are interested in learning more about how to integrate your current POS system with CIMS tire registration for convenient compliance, contact us online now.